Microdermabrasion – Atlas Laser Clinic

Blast away those dry skin cells to reveal your true skin’s beauty!

The Process

Prior to microdermabrasion treatment, a consultation will take place to discuss the client’s requests, potential risks from the procedure, the results and method of easing the pain. 

Microdermabrasion starts off with the cleansing of the skin. A spray composed of tiny crystals is then shot onto the skin surface through a tube. These crystals help with removing the top layer of dead skin cells to rejuvenate the new layer of skin below it. As both crystals and the dead cells are vacuumed up during the treatment, production of new skin cells accelerates as well as promoting collagen and elastin growth.

During post-procedure, your skin may be left with a sunburned or a rough and harsh feeling in a pinkish tone. The pinkness is expected to subdue during a few hours hours to a few days. Care for the treatment includes avoidance of the sun, excessively rubbing the treated area, smoking, taking aspirin and alcohol. Applying lotion and sunscreen will greatly aid the healing process. Possible side effects may include swelling, scarring and dermal irritation.